Master and Commander Phreak (mandcphreak) wrote in pirkis_daily,
Master and Commander Phreak

More icons

I come bearing icons

Spoiler, and credit to the people who are thinking of doing the VSD: The MandC way

Kinda...  Had some trouble with the blue.  Well, all the text got a little messed, but it's all good....

 Lyrics by Britney Spears

 says "sweetheart," dunno if you could read...

 "Still the prettiest"

  Lyric from a song  by Simon and Garfunkel, forget which song though...

 "I'm gonna feel that tomorrow"

Credit nice but not neccisary

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If this is the Pirkis_daily community, why have you posted so many icons of people who are not Max Pirkis?